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Welcome to "Professija" Publishing House!

      "Professija"-PH is specialized in creating handbooks and practical manuals for some groups of professionals (librarians, engineers and technologists (especially in food industry)) as well as students.
      Our purpose is to publish modern and high quality practical literature. To achieve the goal we conduct detailed analysis of our readers' demands, based on marketing researches in different spheres of knowledge. We also co-operate with some leading experts, well-known educational and scientific institutes (e.g. The State Universities of Culture and Art (S.-Petersburg and Moskow), of Food Industry (Moscow), of Low-temperature and Food Technologies (S.-Petersburg), etc.).
      We are interested in preparing new editions of Russian authors and in co-operation with foreign specialists and publishing houses. At the moment "Professija"-PH established relations with such well-known foreign publishers as "Woodhead Publishing", "CRC-PRESS" etc.

Here you can see a Catalogue of our publications.

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